Innovation Center



The Mission of KIMEP Innovation Center is based on the TEMPUS project INOCAST’s goal: “creation of innovation centers in Central Asia for innovation catalization in the knowledge triangle concept: research – education – business


  • Establishing effective collaboration with enterprises, industry, business partners, and community in order to help them develop and improve processes, products, and services through research oriented projects, trainings, mobility, consultation.
  • To increase research output and the incubation of innovation among HEIs and industry. Beyond stimulating entrepreneurship, the center seeks to foster new attitudes towards university-business cooperation.


  • To boost research cooperation among faculty and between faculty and practitioners.
  • To increase KIMEP visibility as research center to wider community
  • To provide an opportunity to students to step in the shoes of practitioners and develop entrepreneurial culture = entrepreneurial university through knowledge transfer.
  • Commercialization of results of research running academic and applied research in the areas KIMEP is strong, especially: Business, Economics, Taxation, CA Studies.
  • To contribute to the course development of the business, tax , CA Studies education (teaching and learning) at KIMEP, as a result of creating of new knowledge, data, analysis, etc.
  • To attract sponsorship for KIMEP research activities, work on the governmental and private grant applications through developing wider network of partnerships